LED components

LED components LED components

Superchip distributes LED modules specialized PCBs and supplies LED components for light fixtures and lighting systems.

We have direct contacts with MEAN WELL, LEDiL, RECOM, etc., supply printed circuit boards for LEDs and mount LEDs. We fully provide customers with the necessary components for manufacturing lighting systems.

Customers use our contract manufacturing facilities to free their own resources up, concentrating on developing and marketing finished products.

Technical capabilities and engineering resources of Superchip in the field of LED lighting are confirmed by the status of CREE Solution Provider.

PCBs for LEDs

We supply printed circuit boards for LED applications, created according to customer specifications, and also maintain stock of the most popular standard LED PCBs.

The production of PCBs is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the IPC-A-600H.

Typical PCB specifications:

  • thickness of copper – 70 microns
  • thickness of aluminum – 1.0 mm
  • copper coating – HAL
  • protective solder mask – WHITE
  • type of the base material – CCAF-01.


Superchip supplies LED-driver by MEAN WELL (Taiwan) and RECOM (Germany). At the initial stage of a project, our specialists help clients to select right LED-drivers that will ensure reliable operation of the finished light fixtures.

The portfolio of the AC/DC converters supplied for LED applications includes models with built-in power factor correctors, with various options of brightness control (dimming), with appropriate degrees of protection – from open-frame models to rigid sealed devices (IP69) in metal enclosures, with high resistance to vibrations, shocks and temperature variations.

The line-card includes specialized devices for use in high-bay luminaires, architectural and landscape lighting systems, budget models for outdoor advertising, solutions for working in conditions of high humidity, etc.

Secondary optics

We supply high-quality secondary optics for LED systems manufactured by LEDil Oy (Finland).

At the requests from our customers we select appropriate lenses for luminaires: symmetrical and asymmetric, borosilicate glass or high-temperature silicone compounds, single or arrays for standard LED-modules with linear or figured arrangement of LEDs or COBs.