Automotive electronics

SuperChip is one of the distributors that meets the requirements of the international quality standard IATF 16949:2016 for automotive products. We have become a supplier for leading European automobile concerns, confirming the high level of quality, efficiency, reliability and competitiveness.Technological features of manufacturing facilities

Soldering in nitrogen environment

Improving the wettability of solder paste and reducing the oxidisability of the contact pads improves the soldering quality even when the peak temperatures are lowered when working with heat-sensitive components.

In-circuit testing

100% quality assurance and detection of defects that cannot be detected by optical control – short circuits and breaks, incorrectly mounted components, wrong ratings of passive components, diodes deployed in the wrong side.

Laser marking

Increase traceability by applying different codes to the printed circuit board before the surface mounting process.

Led analyzer

100% quality guarantee by testing the wavelength and the intensity of the LEDs