We are a company with a global reach and we are focused on providing high-quality solutions to our customers no matter where they are located. We firmly believe that the driving force behind our success and growth is our technology, expertise, and dedication to our customers both today and tomorrow.

We work with the leading manufacturers in the field of optics and photonics. The product range of supplied products includes:

  • Measurement equipment by Anritsu, EXFO, General Photonics
  • High performance photodiodes by Albis Optoelectronics and General Photonics
  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers by Connet Laser technology and NKT Photonics
  • Optical fibers by OFS
  • Ultrafast solid state lasers by Huaray
  • Quantum technology equipment by IDQ
  • Spectrometers and multispectral cameras by Ocean insight
  • Technological solutions for communication systems by Source Photonics and KOC Communication co., Ltd
  • Optomechanics by Standa and Daeil Systems