Power supplies

SuperChip Ltd Company is a professional distributor of electronic components, allows a wide range of power supplies for various branches of the industry. In particular, the supply program includes AC/DC and DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters for various purposes from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Power supplies manufactured by MEAN WELL Enterprises (Taiwan) and RECOM (Austria) are widely used in industrial automation systems, LED lighting, alarm and video surveillance systems, access control systems, medical equipment, consumer electronics and home appliances.

Leading German manufacturers, Siemens and Phoenix Contact, offer various types of power converters for supplying automation and control equipment in industry and energy sector as well.

SuperChip Ltd Company also represents on the market some specialized solutions, including DC/DC converters for avionics and spacecrafts manufactured, LED-drivers and drivers of high-power laser diodes, circuit solutions from Analog Devices, as well as other products for providing power supply of electronic and electrical equipment of different levels of complexity, scale and power.

AC/DC converters
AC/DC converters in a closed case
AC/DC converters in ventilated casing
AC/DC converters in open (case-free) design
AC/DC converters for DIN-rail mounting
AC/DC converters for 19″ mounting
Power supplies for LED lighting (LED-drivers)
Charging device
AC/DC adapters
Power supplies with UPS function
AC/DC converters for PCB mounting
DC/DC converters
DC/DC converters in SMD package for PCB mounting
DC/DC converters in SIP package for PCB mounting
DC/DC converters in DIP package for PCB mounting
DC/DC converters of open-frame type
DC/DC converters with high-voltage output
DC/DC converters that are not isolated (Point-of-Load)
DC/DC converters for LED lighting
DC/DC converters in the case for DIN-rail mounting
DC/AC inverters with modified sine wave
DC/AC inverters with a pure sine wave
DC/AC -inverters in the case for mounting in a 19″ rack
Typical applications

SuperChip Ltd Company provides power supplies for developers and manufacturers of a wide range of applications:

LED lighting
Industrial automation systems
Alarm and video surveillance systems
Access control systems
Medical equipment
Communication and telecommunication systems
Control systems
Office and household appliances