SuperChip Ltd. Company was founded in 2020 as the new electronic components distributor. It is also one of the most innovative companies which is acknowledged by the industry currently. The headquarter is in Hong Kong, its business covers Asian and European territories.

SuperChip offers the high level services, develops efficient supply chain solutions.

The main strategy is – to supply quality decisions and have a good reputation on the market.

The success of the Company is the result of reliable partnership with suppliers and customers.

Market-oriented and has accumulated rich experience in the operation, has been formed from a “Request – orders – payment – shipment – after-sales service” a complete management system together with European, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwan manufacturers and dealers .

We are specialized not only in distribution, we are glad to offer contract manufacturing service also, including solutions for specific customers and processes.

Our philosophy is – Quality first, so we follow all the basic regulations and proud of well-educated staff.

We are strong in reasonable prices and delivery speed.

We are opened to all the customers and manufactures who is looking for reliable and high service partner.