Quality policy

From development through distribution, every detail that impacts your experience with SuperChip matters to us. SuperChip Quality Systems are in place to ensure that we are performing within the parameters necessary to manufacture the best product possible for our customers.

Supplier Selection
It all starts with the components that we bring into the system. When choosing a supplier, our senior buyers ensure that they research and screen each supplier thoroughly. Suppliers must be capable of maintaining the high standard that SuperChip looks to in turn provide our customers.

We also use audit inspection method while working with Suppliers. We prefer to work with Manufacturers and Distributors directly.

Our comprehensive certifications allow us to enter many different markets. With these certifications, customers know they can expect the highest level of quality from SuperChip and our manufacturing processes. This is just the start of the trust that must be formed and maintained between a manufacturing services provider and OEM. Our goal is to make sure that our customers fully trust in our ability to operate as an extension of their operation.

Quality Certifications:

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
ITAR registered
FDA Registered
Quality Statement
As a team, SuperChip crafted a quality statement that is displayed throughout our facility.

SuperChip Quality Policy – Assured Customer Excellence

Our Principle- QUALITY FIRST!

Quality Values

Customer satisfaction is on the top priority.
Suppliers and customers are long-term business partners.
Continuous process improvement is a way of life.
Every SuperChip employee works under the guidance of these values and is responsible for acting in accordance with them.