Mission of SuperChip Ltd Company is to grow our partners’ business by delivering modern applications and innovative solutions. We have established ourselves as a provider of complete value offer, starting from R&D and ending at finished electronic module.

Our core business includes the franchised distribution of:

  • electronic components and systems
  • materials for electronic and electrical industry
  • technological equipment for a production and repair of electronic equipment
  • technological materials for the production of electronic equipment
  • measuring and testing equipment.

SuperChip Ltd Company is an authorised distributor including brands:

Analog Devices, Xilinx, Altera, Molex, TE, Traco, Micron, Avago etc.

SuperChip Ltd Company is a professional provider of the following services:

  • design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards
  • electronic manufacturing services
  • design of M2M, metering and lighting electronics.